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    2. The leading web-based,Biometric,RFID Smartcard Platform for Enterprise-wide Solutions in ID Management.Find us@FacebookFollow us@TwitterContact our global offices.Find us@Google plus.

      Press Release


                   ACTAtek Press Release - A Landmark Case

      Biometric Vertical Market Penetration Leadership Award by Frost Sullivan 2010  ACTAtek Best Practices Award Video

      "5 Star Rating of Best Buy"- ACTAtek Combination Model (SC Magazine,January.Issue,2010)

      November 16th, 2010

      ACTAtek @ASIS 2010 HID GlobalACTAtek participated in the HID Global booth at ASIS 2010 with key focus on Time Attendance!

      February 18th, 2010

      ACTAtek Combination Model -Best of 2009"Best Of 2009"- ACTAtek Combination Model"


      February 5th, 2009

      ACTAtek launch new product,ACTAtek TimeSheet,which is a cost effective Time Attendance solution.  

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